Curious Worlds : Rhymes & Ink

(  Exhibition by James White, 24 – 26/11/17  )

In his ‘Curious Worlds’, James White presented his rhyming illustrated tales alongside his ink drawings of some of the world’s most breathtaking heritage. Live musical readings of rhyming stories for all ages were performed throughout the three days.

The magical little Hepsibah Gallery (Hammersmith, London, UK) was the jewel-box setting for the treasures of James White’s Curious Worlds.

James is a Switzerland-based self-publishing author, artist and architect. French-American roots and a life of travelling have taught him that the world’s cultures all carry many treasures, and that we each have our part to play in furthering creative exchange, peace and understanding.

 Alongside architectural practice, James spends much of his time drawing and writing in rhyme. James also coordinates an international research initiative on contemporary interventions in urban UNESCO World Heritage sites, producing a few drawings along the way.


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